So stoked to announce that I'm a finalist in the National UniSounds competition and I'll be playing at the live finals in September.  Head over to my facebook or instagram to hear a preview of the new songs and follow me to stay tuned for details about the final.

See you there, love ash x



Leaving Party

Welcome to my leaving party. I'm leaving. It's been wild. I've crowded 30 houses, packed them up each year, full of misadventures, strange nights and tears. I wanna tell these stories, I can't help how it sounds. Show+tell seems so petty but writing these songs has kept my feet on this ground. I was sold into believing that time was slipping away, that I should be something bigger, better, have something #more to say. Call it growth or call it telling all that to just F-off. I couldn't give a fuck if these old rich men don't like what I've got.  I've wished away my memories, but then I wrote them in these songs, because when i do there's a tiny voice that tells me this is where I belong.

 I hope they plant a seed somewhere. I hope they dance around you in the dark. 

Taking Me Under feat. Kevin Davy White

Sometimes I write a song and I think it’s about one thing, then months later I realise I was actually writing about some other aspect of my life. ‘Taking Me Under’ is one of those songs that has a little piece of everything I was living at that moment.

Thunder come

“I wanted the video to be a journey – explains Ashley – I wrote the song when I was coming to terms with where my life was and I had this urge to be brutally honest with myself. It also coincided with 3 days of Thunderstorms in LA, which never happens.

I saw some of Alex’s artwork at a friend’s house and got in touch with him to see if we could make something like an ‘otherworldly journey’…
— famemagazine.co.uk

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Women I love

These are some women who have inspired me over the years.  I recommend knowing them. 


Patti Smith

It took me so long to read Patti Smith's first book "Just Kids", because I had to keep stopping to think and write about what I was reading. Her willingness, and the time she took to discover her own artistry is very rare, especially today.  She moved in so many directions before she found songwriting, and always talked about being an 'artist', above anything else.  There are so many things that inspire me about this woman, but her courage has got to be up there.  Read her books and listen to her music. 

Thanks Patti xx

Florence Welch

I first heard Florence when I was in high school, and I can't remember which song it was exactly (I think I was probably too focused on a boy or something) but I remember telling myself to remember her...Her album ceremonials had a big impact on me in the first year I started telling people I wanted to be songwriter.  I would listen to it while I was running and imagine what kind of song I would write if it was on a Florence album. It's how I wrote 'Every Lover Is A Lifeline', by imagining what Florence would sound like singing it.  I love the way she uses the elements in her lyrics and never seems afraid to be big with her ideas, but still incredibly sharp in her meanings and delivery; "no light, not light, in your bright blue eyes, I never knew daylight could be so violent."



Aretha franklin

How could you not love this woman? She did so much work and created a foundation for all women to be powerful and have a voice. She sang about having respect as a young black women, in a time when her culture was being viscously attacked.  The strength she must have had to endure the time she grew up in must have been incredible.  I have so much admiration for this woman.  If you don't already, listen to her sing. 




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